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First class cabin - Private Jet Villa.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Picture yourself perched on a clifftop, the sapphire expanse of the Indian Ocean stretching before you. Below, the white sand of Nyang Nyang Beach whispers secrets to the wind. Above, a private jet glistens in the sun, but this is no ordinary aircraft.

Welcome to Private Jet Villa, Bali, the world's first luxury hotel housed within a re-purposed commercial plane.

Conceived by visionary entrepreneur Felix Demin, Private Jet Villa is more than just a novelty. It's a meticulously crafted haven of indulgence, blurring the lines between aviation and accommodation. The Boeing 737, once a workhorse of the skies, now boasts a metamorphosis unlike any other.

Private Jet Villa

Stepping aboard, one is immediately struck by the seamless blend of contemporary design and aeronautical nostalgia. The plane's fuselage has been transformed into a two-suite sanctuary, each boasting plush king-size beds, en-suite bathrooms with oversized jacuzzis, and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame breathtaking ocean panoramas.

But the luxury transcends the bedrooms. The fuselage's former cockpit has been reinvented as a chic living area, complete with a state-of-the-art entertainment system and a bar stocked with premium liquors. Step outside onto the spacious sun terrace, and you'll find a private infinity pool beckoning you to soak in the endless blue horizon.

Private Jet Villa

Dining at Private Jet Villa is an experience in itself. The former galley has been repurposed into a gourmet kitchen, where a dedicated chef whips up culinary masterpieces tailored to your every whim. Imagine savouring fresh seafood, fragrant curries, and international delights, all while suspended 150 meters above the crashing waves.

Yet, Private Jet Villa is more than just a place to sleep and eat. It's a gateway to the wonders of Bali. Helicopter transfers whisk guests to hidden coves for snorkelling adventures, or to sacred temples nestled amidst emerald rice paddies. In-villa spa treatments soothe the body and soul, while personalised itineraries curated by expert local guides ensure every moment is an unforgettable discovery.

Private Jet Villa

The exclusivity of Private Jet Villa is unparalleled. With a maximum capacity of four guests, this is a retreat for those who seek ultimate privacy and tailored experiences. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, yearning for a romantic escape, or simply craving a slice of unparalleled luxury, Private Jet Villa delivers.

But the true magic of this avian oasis lies in its very essence. It's a symbol of audacious imagination, a testament to the transformative power of design, and a reminder that luxury can take flight in the most unexpected of places. So, buckle up, dear traveller, and prepare to soar into a world of unparalleled indulgence at Private Jet Villa, Bali.


Bloc Gatwick

Bloc Hotel Gatwick

Bloc is a short-stay hotel designed to give you the very best of everything needed to sleep, shower and step out fresh into a new day, right in the heart of the action.

It's short-term staying designed around you. Lightspeed wifi, to keep you connected when you’re on. High-powered showers, sound-proof walls and big, comfy beds for when you’re not.

It’s everything you need, and none of what you don’t. No bells, no whistles, just pure rest and relaxation. And even better, it’s right at the centre of the action, so you can step right out into it when morning comes, and step right back in when the day is done.

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