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Smart room control.

Sleep well. Stay connected.

With the launch of our Smart Room Control, you can now check-in and gain access to your room from your very own device. And not only that, you can use it to customise the temperature, adjust the lights, blinds, and even control the TV in your Bloc room.

No need to download any apps, simply click the unique encrypted link in your email inbox sent prior to arrival and enjoy unprecedented control on any internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Learn more about the current features below.

Bloc Smart Room Controls - Door Unlock
Bloc Smart Room Controls - Lights
Bloc Smart Room Controls - Climate
Your phone is your key. Instantly and securely unlock your room directly from your device.

Turn off the lights without having to leave the comfort of our cosy king-size beds.

Like it cold, or cosy? Set your room to the ideal temperature, even prior to arrival.

Bloc Smart Room Controls - Blinds
Bloc Smart Room Controls - TV Controls
Bloc Smart Room Controls - Check Out
Shut out the outside world and sleep soundly with our automatic blackout blinds. No need to fight over the remote. Channel hop on our HD TVs directly from your device. Say goodbye to the long queue at reception in the morning and head-off with just a tap.


Frequently asked questions:

How do I get access?

Smart Room Control is now available to all guests.  You will receive an email the morning of their arrival with full details.

How secure is it?

Very! Guest comfort and security is our number one priority.

Access to Smart Room Control is fully encrypted and tokenised, meaning only the guest can control their assigned room for the duration of their stay, with all permissions revoked at check-out.