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Eurovision 2019 - Bingo

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Eurovision 2019 - Bingo

Drawing over 185 million viewers last year, the Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest live music event on the planet.

This year's contest is being hosted in Tel Aviv, after crowd favourite Netta won 529 points for Israel in 2018 with her infectiously absurd song 'Toy'.

This year, Michael Rice, winner of the BBC's All Together Now has been chosen to represent the UK with 'Bigger Than Us'.

Like every year, the chances of the UK winning is slim. Not least because of, dare we say it... brexit. But, we can always hope!

To follow the tradition of previous years, we have put together a fun Eurovision Bingo game for you to play along at home.

eurovision_bingo_card_2019.jpg (1.82 MB)

Download the print-ready PDF here.

Remember, take it steady and drink responsibly. It's a long night ahead!

BLOC Hotels Birmingham

The BLOC philosophy is new to the UK. The concept is called pared-down chic and is based on ideas we’ve adapted from the best designers around the world. By injecting a little British creativity, we have been pushing the boundaries of hotel design. From the build right down to the finishes in each room, we work with cutting-edge materials and innovative thinkers whose mantra really is, small is beautiful.

The idea is to build very cleverly using the very best materials whilst still making it as cost-effective as possible. And that means we can offer our guests really chic rooms in prime city centre locations at very, very good prices.

BLOC Hotels Birmingham

BLOC Magazine

BLOC Magazine Spring 19-1.jpg (1.06 MB)Winter is over, and it’s time to celebrate the arrival of spring. The concept of spring cleaning is essential to the ethos of BLOC: de-clutter, throw out all the things you don’t need and make room only for the stuff that matters.

It is the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. It is time to think about travel, exploring new places and investigate new business ideas.

BLOC is here to make those new experiences as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our 17th issue explores the ultimate short break destination of Copenhagen. A city full of amazing food, museums, theatres and plenty to keep kids enthralled.

We also profile Jamie Chadwick, who continues her winning ways on the race track.

Once again we hope that this magazine provides you with some insight and entertainment on your journey.

You can view all of the articles on this site or view an online version of the magazine click here.

We’ll also be adding to and updating this site with more cool stuff that we find on our travels. Jump on board!

Your journey begins here.